B5 Love Month

Signups for the June Babylon 5 Love Month are now open at LJ: https://babylon5-love.livejournal.com/113215.html and at Dreamwidth: https://babylon5-love.dreamwidth.org/112104.html

We’d love for you to sign up and share the love.

You may do fiction, art, poetry, essays, graphics, icons, podcasts, videos or any other form of love. Work does NOT have to be new but we prefer it’s not been shared on B5Love before.

I look forward to seeing your works!

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Babylon 5 Love Month

Babylon 5 Love month

Hi everyone.

We didn’t get any people to sign up for Babylon 5 Love month in February but I’m not yet ready to throw in the towel. I think that June, being the beginning of summer and the month of new beginnings, would be a good month to try it. If any of you are interested, please reply to this thread or send me a PM to let me know we have some interest.

Please boost this signal to any B5 fans you know!!


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Babylon 5 Love Month

We are celebrating our love for Babylon 5 in February with our annual Love Month. Love Month is a month long celebration of all sorts of B5 fanworks: stories, art, essays, op-eds, vids, podfic, anything. We sign up at LJ or Dreamwidth for which days we want and post our contribution(s) on those day(s). Here are the links: https://babylon5-love.livejournal.com/112601.html | https://babylon5-love.dreamwidth.org/111431.html

Please sign up!

**Please delete this if not allowed.**
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Time for babylon5_love sign ups

Time to sign up for the 2017 babylon5_love.

Here is the signup post for the February 2017 Babylon 5 Love month. Signups will be open as long as there are empty spots. I will try to send reminders out to all who sign up in late January. They will be sent via LJ message unless you give me a different contact.

Here are the rules.
You may sign up for as many as you like. More than one entry by multiple posters can be made in one day. The more the merrier! You can never have too much Babylon 5 LOVE!

Here is a post with some banners to boost the signal!


Family time

Originally posted by startufflover at Family time
Hello there and merry xmas!
Where are you people? I miss you guys!
Anyway, I was having the blues missing a lot John and Delenn, so I write this little vingette...I was lasy, so I write it first in spanish and then I traslate it. I review it, but if you see something akward...you know how google translate is...:)

This is somewhere between the end of season 2 and the begining o season 3.

Standard disclamer applay.Not my characters.

[Spoiler (click to open)]Collapse )