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John & Delenn Universe

We are old souls....Deal with it.

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Babylon 5 John and Delenn Universe
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Welcome to no_shadows_fall, a community to celebrate and share anything and everything John and Delenn.

"The relationship between Sheridan and Delenn is a long and perhaps bitter one, with many twists and turns that keep even a keen viewer guessing every single episode. But you can always be sure of one thing in this relationship (unlike most others): their love for each other will not fracture no matter what comes between them. Also, what makes this a unique romantic relationship among sci fi shows is that it progresses very slowly at first, then speeds up during the middle stages (where their first kiss took place - or was it their second kiss, no one could tell). They spend some time apart, but even then their love does not diminish and still goes strong...." atleast in our mind's eye.
(from article by David Ye)

The Rules...because chaos is only a good place for Vorlons & Shadows:

1. You must be a member of the community to post here. To join, please click on the link above. If you only want to watch, press the + button and add the community to your flist.

2. Please place large images (including fic banners) and any fic longer than a drabble behind an lj-cut. Up to three teaser icons are allowed not underneath an lj-cut. Also label your post in the subject line, since this will make archiving so much easier!

3. If your story/manip/whatever contains adult content(which is not a bad thing), you MUST label it correctly. Also put it behind an lj-cut or it will be deleted asap.

4. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and off-topic posts will be deleted.

5. No flaming or bashing, please. Well balanced arguments and constructive criticism are welcome though.

6. Very important: No Trolls! We like to look at the positive side of things here, so if you think that the last season of B5 stunk (or something like that), post a rant in your own journal. Inappropriate comments will be deleted and further occurrences will lead to banning.

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